We offer a full range of body casting services and can mould and cast the whole, or any part, of the body.

Body cast artworks make unique gifts for that special anniversary or  birthday, or for newlyweds or expectant parents, or just because you want to give an unusual present for someone who “has it all”.

Family hand arrangements are popular gifts, as well as grandparent hands and newborn hands and feet.

Portrait body cast artworks of either of the full face or profile are also popular. We can sculpt open eyes and hair also if this is desired.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your idea and obtain a quote. Or view our price list for a cost estimate.

Every ‘body’ is special

The human form is the ultimate work of art. Everyone is beautiful; everyone is unique. A body cast captures a person in a moment in time, preserving every detail of the chosen part of the body. The ‘bump’ during pregnancy, the wonder of a new born baby’s hand or foot, your own body captured as you are now, created into a work of art for you, and your family, to treasure for a life time.

Photos, videos and painting all hold amazing detail but they they don’t show the real size, shape and fine lines of the skin. Only body casting can captures this. Imagine holding the replica of your teenager’s hand from when they were a newborn baby; or seeing a grandmother holding a grandchild’s hand.

If you’ve worked hard to get yourself in shape, you might like to consider a body casting so you will have a permanent memory of the work you put in.  Body casting for body builders >>.

Check out our online photo gallery for body casting examples.

 Gifts and mementos

It is often hard to find a gift for that special person that is unique, personal and lasts a life time. Body casting capture the memorable moments of the special occasions in your life that you want to remember forever:

  • Engagement, bridal or lovers’ hand casts or kissing faces for wedding, engagement, anniversary or Valentine Day presents.
  • Baby hands, feet or bottom casts to celebrate a birth or christening.
  • A favourite body part ‘frozen in time’ for a special birthday, Christmas present or other gift.
  • The tender loving hands of an elderly parent or couple to celebrate age milestone.
  • Birthday body casting gifts are popular with women and men who want to “cast their bodies in stone” while still at their peak.

Find out more about our gift certificates.

Therapeutic castings

Mastectomy, or any body-altering operation for either sex, is a life changing experience. Casting the body that is about to undergo significant change is a therapeutic process. Body Casting Sydney offers a very special opportunity to commemorate the old body and celebrate the person’s courage, hope, strength and faith.

Along with thousands of others, we at Body Casting Sydney have had our lives affected by breast cancer. We want to increase breast cancer awareness and help fundraising efforts that support breast cancer education, prevention and treatment. If you have a project we can assist with, please contact us.

Body casting for bodybuilders

We are Sydney’s only body casting specialists, offering a high-quality moulding and casting service to bodybuilders and strength athletes at very reasonable rates.

Thematic sculptures

Theme based castings are popular at Body Casting Sydney. Examples include:

  • Sports: a hand holding baseball, tennis ball, or golf ball.
  • Dance: ballet slipper/salsa shoe on foot
  • Graduation: hand holding a diploma or a cap
  • Religious: first communion praying hands, Rosary hands, etc.

Contact us to discuss any other theme casting you have in mind.

Pregnancy and baby sculptures

Our mum and baby castings cover the whole range from pregnancy bumps to your baby’s little bottom or tiny hands and feet.

These precious heirlooms last a life time and beyond. Before too long your baby is grown and it is hard to remember just how small and cute those hands and feet were. You only have one chance while they are small to recreate those tiny, delicate hands and feet.

We use a non-toxic, non allergenic, 100% safe product, which conforms with ISO 1563 (1990). We use a process that let’s your child’s hands and feet relax while the mould is being taken.


Gift certificates

Body Casting Sydney provides gift certificates.

Breast prosthesis

A custom made breast prosthesis is made by taking a mould of your own breast pre mastectomy and casting it in silicone – a soft rubbery material that is very similar to your breast.

The custom made breast prosthesis is inserted into a mastectomy bra or swimming cossie (or make little pockets inside your existing bras and cossies, the NSW Cancer Council website shows you how). Mastectomy bras and cossies can be purchased from David Jones and Myer.

Your custom made prosthesis will perfectly match the size and symmetry of your original breast. More information about breast prostheses is on the NSW Cancer Council website.

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  1. Hi I would like to learn how to cast babies feet and hands. I would like to know the safest method, products etc. Would love for you to help.


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