The price of a sculpture is costed according to size, complexity, medium and patina.

We will give you a quote for the cost of the particular sculpture you have in mind when you contact us.

  1. Size & Complexity
  2. Medium
  3. Patina
  4. Mounting

Size & Complexity

Sculpture Type


Baby hands or feet; adult hand or foot; pet paw
from $200
Hand or foot and ball, foot in ballet shoes, or sports boot
from $250
Medium size
Breasts; face; belly; or bum
from $350
Pregnant belly and breast; breast/chest and torso; full back
from $550
A full portrait of whole head all around
from $800
We can cast any part or whole of the body.

* The price of a sculpture is costed according to size, complexity, medium and patina.



We cast our sculptures in gypsum-based cement stone, which has a beautiful, heavy white coloured stone-like finish. It also has a wonderful porous texture that lends itself well to a range of patinas (see below). Gypsum is a wonderful casting material that will capture the most minute details. It is for indoors only.

We can can also cast in Forton MG – a mixture of gypsum, epoxy resin and fibreglass. It is a strong, lightweight and weatherproof material, but about twice the price of cement stone.


We can patina your sculpture in the colour of your choice or a metal finish such bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, iron, silver or gold. You will be amazed at the quality of these finishes.


All our sculptures are created to be freestanding or hung. But there are other ways we can mount your sculpture to enhance its beauty and establish drama and presence, if required.

Gift Certificates

Body Casting Sydney offers gift certificates. More information is on our Gift Certificates page.

22 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to get a cast of mine and my partners hands. I was wondering how much it would be?
    Please let me know ASAP 🙂
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Olivia
      Thanks for your enquiry. It depends on a number of factors – but is usually about $250 – it will take about one hour – and will be ready to pick up a week later after it has dried out. I will work on it for another hour to tidy it up and prepare it for display. Ring me to discuss further and get a firm quote.
      0404 878 389


  2. Hi there,
    My mum saw this being done on a video and fell in love with it! Would it be possible to do the hands of my family together? There are 5 of us so what would be the pricing roughly? Thank you!


    1. Hi Claire – the cost depends on the number of people involved, so with five of you it will be about $450. It will take about one hour or so and will be ready in a week to pick up. Call Justin on 0404 878 389 to get a firm quote and/or organise a time. Families that have had this done absolutely love it – what they like is how much detail shows up in the hands, and how everyone’s hands are unique and identifiable.


  3. Hi
    My name is Georgia vickery and I’m currently going into year 12 and I was thinking about doing life casting for my major work project. I was just wondering if you give thorough lessons on the steps and process of life casting and molding as I want to learn the whole process so that I’m able to creat my major work to the best of my ability.


  4. Hello, I was wondering how much a family casting will be, it’s 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 2.
    Thanks in advance 🙂


  5. Hi I just wanted to know roughly how much for me and my husband both hands holding mounted on something like wood or some sort of a platform?


  6. Hi,

    I wanted to do a body cast of breasts/torso for a present. Could you please advise on how to book this/availabilities?



  7. Hello there!!! I am think to cast hands of me and my husband!!!! It is for May 2019!!! How much will be the cost??

    Many thanks!!!


  8. Hello,
    I am interested in getting my belly casted.
    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant so would want to do it around the 36-38 weeks mark perhaps?

    I have seen some images on the internet of glittered/jeweled belly casts and would like to know if that is something you are able to do?

    If so, what would the pricing be like?



  9. I am wanting a price for a freestanding in bronze, silver or gold of my 82 year old Dads hand and mine together. Could you advise me on pricing thanks


  10. Hi there:
    Are you still doing body casting 2021? What is the best way to contact your studio? Varying projects. X1 pre- birth vagina into brass finish, x1 baby feet cast.


  11. Hi,

    Are you still doing casts?

    I was wondering if you do vagina casts, and if so, what does it cost?



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