Gift Certificates

The ultimate in unique gifts is the Body Casting Sydney Gift Certificate. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one — especially one who “already has it all” — they probably don’t have this!

Body casting is the technique of making a mould of the human form and then casting that mould to create a life-size work of art.

Gift certificates are available in a range of amazing body casting sculptures:

Types of Gift Certificates


Baby hands or feet sculpture* $150
Hands sculpture*  $200
Theme sculpture* $250
Breast sculpture* $300
Bum sculpture* $350
Face sculpture* $300
Pregnant belly sculpture*  $450
Torso or back (neck to waist) sculpture* $550

*A gift certificate includes consultation and sitting (at our studio in Mosman, Sydney) and sculpture in white stone.

How do our gift certificates work?

1) Choose one of the selected sculptures from the above table.

2) Pay by contacting by email, telephone or in person (we accept cash, direct debit or cheque).

3) Receive voucher – once payment is received we will send the voucher to you or to your gift recipient (by post, courier or email).

3) Recipient makes an appointment – recipient receives your Gift Certificate and makes an appointment for their consultation and sitting by contacting us.


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