The Face

A face casting is one of the most enigmatic ways of capturing a person’s expressions. It is possible to cast a small section of the face, such as chin and lips, the entire face, or even from the collarbone, all the way to behind the ears. It is one of the more complex casts to make, so we guide you through every step of the process beforehand, and make sure you are totally comfortable throughout.

Here’s how face casting is done, courtesy The Edinburgh Casting Studio


Face Cast FAQs

How will I breathe?

When we create the casting, we place a moulding jelly called alginate on your face, being careful to keep your nostrils clear the whole time. Your mouth will usually be covered, so you will need to breathe through your nose. If you have a cold on the day, please let us know, as it will make a face casting impossible!

Do you put straws in the nose?

Apart from being more comfortable without straws- they distort the shape of the nose and leave you with an unnatural looking casting. We create our face castings without straws.

How long does it take?

A face casting will only take around 20 minutes to complete. Our previous customers have said the time flies by. We talk to you throughout the casting, so you know exactly what’s happening. It goes even faster when we put on some music of your choice.

Will I be comfortable?

We understand that having a face casting made is an unusual experience. Your eyes will be closed, and you will be breathing through your nose. Rest assured that we look after you the whole time, guiding you through the process, and telling you exactly what we are doing as the casting is made. We’ve been told the experience feels like a relaxing beauty treatment!


Interview with a person having a face cast

Was it a comfortable experience?

Yeah, it was! I wasn’t worried about my hair getting messed up or anything to be honest, but really I was expecting it to be worse. Also with not knowing what to expect, I think I found it really quite comfortable. From the point of view of someone who feels claustrophobic a lot of the time, in small places I start feeling really uncomfortable. I was quite surprised how relaxed I felt especially with it being my face as well.

Were you looked after?

Yes, I felt very well looked after and I felt they explained everything as they were doing it. I think that helped relax me and helped keep me relaxed through the whole thing.

What were you expecting?

I was expecting to really have to struggle to keep calm and to remain breathing. I thought it would be harder to breathe, and I thought that would then send me into a panic, so I suppose I was kind of preparing for the worst really.

Have you ever had a casting done before?


Did it feel like it took a long time?

No, because you explained how long the casting would have to stay on for. You know what it’s like when you have to wait a certain amount of time- you’re sitting there waiting and it seems to take forever. I think I was expecting it to be longer. Because I couldn’t see a clock or anything, I was just sitting there- but because I was being talked through the process, it didn’t feel like long. I don’t actually know how long I was sitting there with [the casting] on to be honest.

What could you compare the experience to?

I would say it was very close to what it feels like having a face mask on- because I’ve done beauty therapy before and there’s loads of face masks and beauty masks you can have on and gauzes and stuff. In my experience, there were a lot of them that I think I probably felt more claustrophobic with. It was very much like a beauty treatment.

If you had a life casting again, what would you have done?

Hmm. I do like the idea of how my Mum and Dad had two hands together. I don’t think I’d have anything just as me, but I think having two hands together- that signifies a bond that’s quite special really. I think it’s quite fun being able to have all sorts of casts of yourself, but the one of the hands together that means a lot- I’d say that’s quite a nice thing.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I quite liked watching the whole process of it. Obviously I couldn’t see having my face done, but my Mum took a lot of pictures. Watching Mum have her hands done- it doesn’t sound all that exciting at first, but it really is quite fun to watch. It’s the excitement of seeing what it’s going to turn out like. You know what their hands look like, but you don’t know how the cast is going to come out.


Interested in getting a Face Cast for yourself, or buying a Face Cast gift voucher for someone? Contact us to find out more.



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